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Happy Mothers Day - AAA(An Alternate Angle)

With so many motivating and eye opening posts on social media, during this mothers day, here is a recollection of few incidents that might probably change the flavor by a bit. Instance 1: Premise: My mother came to stay with me for a few days in Hyderabad. On one of her morning walks, my mother saw an unmarried couple from a nearby flat leaving the building both smoking a cigarette. From what she described, the girl and the guy both had a pair of shorts on and the guy was dropping the girl off to a cab they had booked. Our conversation went something like this: -Mom: Abhi subah dekha ek ladke-ladki ko. Dono ne drink kar rakhi thi aur ladki jhoom ke chal rahi thi. [Saw a couple in the morning. Both were drunk and the girl wasn't even able to walk straight.] -Me: Arre jaane do. Unki life hai. [Leave it mom. It's their life.] -Mom: Aise kaise? Inke ghar walon ko pata hoga ki ye kya kar rahe hain dusre city mein? Batao ladkiyan bhi peene lag gayi hain ab to. Kya hoga shaadi ke b

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